How can I contribute to your company?

As an experienced “hands-on manager” or “management-savvy technician”, you and your team will benefit from

  • my experience from many successful and completed projects
  • extensive and up-to-date technical know-how (incl. coding)
  • many years of management experience as CTO and managing director

    in the following areas:

    Knowledge Transfer

    Practice-oriented and intuitive materials
    (remote or on site, always interactive)

    Technology in the context of user benefits and current regulations

    Illustrated with examples, tools, demo or prototype systems where applicable

    Brainstorming topics together with the team
    (preferably on site)

    Project Management / Organization

    Establish working groups with goal development, self-organization and -planning

    Programs with sub-projects and governance structures

    Set up or support project execution and project management

    Assistance with Implementation

    Expand team capacity with hands-on support

    Especially in the early project phases

    Taking good paths with experience and keep an eye on the benefits

    Non-Trivial Contexts

    English and international teams

    Interdisciplinary, heterogeneous teams